In the Meantime

To make the wait from Medical Clearance to Invitation bearable, which I understand can take from now until January or February (or April!) 2010, I’ve been doing a lot of schooling and volunteering in Dallas. This is kind of a new frontier for me since usually school and/or work took up most of my time.  Currently, I’m sort of doing a mish mash of both and have more time to volunteer in multiple places at once.

No matter what I do when I’m out and about, when I’m sitting at my computer it’s only been the natural habit for me to browse the PC Wiki, Journals, and Facebook Groups for solace and help trying to pinpoint what my future with the Peace Corps will be like. I do this on an almost daily basis. It’s comforting to read other applicant and volunteer journals to see what they experience and to know that I’m not alone currently and won’t be when the time comes to ship out.

That being said, and now that I’m beginning this blog, I hope this new way of passing the time will not only serve me but other people in all degrees of curiosity about the Peace Corps experience.

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  1. Thats very good to know… thanks

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