Placement Patience

So it’s mid-December, and I haven’t heard anything yet from the Peace Corps office regarding my application.  I don’t know who my Placement Officer is, and though I’m volunteering a whole lot, I haven’t been asked to share that recent information with anyone at the main office.  It’s alright though, and certainly a little expected. Patience has become the word of the season.

Though the Peace Corps office stated that June departures won’t hear anything until at least January/February, they’ve teased us a little by already sending out a couple of invites for that time period (or, at least the PeaceCorpsWiki Timeline leads us to believe this).  This has created quite a buzz in some online forums among many other “June babies” like myself.  It’s reassuring to be able to communicate with others who are also biting their nails in anticipation for something to happen.

People ask me all the time if I know where and when I’m headed, and I reassure them that I should know any month now.

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  1. When I called my country desk, they told me when they would start placing for my leave date…. it was 6 mos to the date of departure… I got my invite 6 mos months before and some of my group got theirs 60 days before leave date. So They didn’t fill the group up all in one week but over time.

  2. I am in the same boat. I have been all cleared since early november, but my nomination isn’t until june. I wouldn’t start worrying for another couple months though. It seems like around three or four months before departure is the magic date for getting an invitation.

  3. I got asked for an updated resume in early November, and I still haven’t heard anything. My nomination is for March!

  4. I am so happy to have stumbled upon your blog. I got my medical clearance almost to the day you seem to have gotten yours (mine was Sept. 2), and I have heard absolutely nothing from Placement…and my nomination is in May. But don’t worry, everyone I know involved with the Peace Corps says that I should not panic, which is a lot easier said than done. And all the information on Peace Corps wiki has especially sent me in panic mode! Good luck on your invitation!

  5. no communication, is good news with the Peace Corps, if your nomination is clear . . . as in you’ve been nominated for ________region then you can call that region desk at the PC office and find out where you are at in the que.

    They will have the info of your nomination. If you are not medically cleared and legally cleared, your Placement Officer will not have your file until that is complete.
    And once cleared and they are considering a placement for you, they will have you update you experience before the invite.
    The Peace Corps is a “self guided experience” for most of the process and it starts with application.

    One suggestion I have for you is when people as you where and when you are going… tell them you are on step 4 of 6 and the process is going as planned and keep up your good service. … this worked for me – Application to Invite 15 mos.

  6. Peace Corps Wiki isn’t always accurate.. my guess is that you may just have to wait until March to get any real movement on things.

  7. Let me just tell you…one of the worst parts about waiting for an invite (aside from the obvious) is that people in your life will be constantly asking you about where/when you’re going…and then seem confused that you STILL don’t know – consequently leading even the most supportive people you know to wonder if (a) you’re actually going, or (b) you’re just deluding yourself. But trust me…when the invite comes – it’s worth it. Good luck!

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