Placement Nudge

Perhaps the Placement Office keeps up with Peace Corps Journals and just read about how patient I’ve been (ha). Perhaps they were so impressed with my calm demeanor towards the whole thing (haha) that yesterday they decided to send me a little nudge.

Or, more likely, perhaps they’ve finally begun to review more applications for the April-June nominations.

Either way, the Placement Office is “busy reviewing my file” and apparently needs a resume update!

They also need a second romantic questionnaire update, which I am happy to give them. The fact that I’ve had a significant other for 8 years has been a large factor in this application. No, we’re not married, but yes, we believe we’re ready for a period like this in our life. I’ll write about that progression if or when I become a volunteer.

To everyone writing comments – thank you! They’ve been very helpful and greatly appreciated.

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