Today I received my invitation to serve in Botswana leaving April 7th! I’m part of the HIV/AIDS Capacity Building Project and my title will be Community Capacity Builder.

This seems a little vague right now, but once I arrive and go through training the office will assess my skills and match them to their needs for a more specific placement.

Needless to say, I’m thrilled!!

Botswana is a beautiful country with some enormous wildlife reserves. I’ve heard incredible things about the people and culture and I’m so excited to jump in and get started.

I’m going to be remodeling this blog a little bit to get it Botswana-ready.  My “Fly Guy” background might not be as relevant anymore, but if you haven’t checked out “Fly Guy”, it’s pretty sweet.

So, soon I’ll have more resources posted about the country, my address for the months of April – June, and my assignment.


P.S. quick little side note- my invitation arrived just TWO days before the anniversary of my application submission. See “Resources” for my application timeline.

3 Responses

  1. Hey! I haven’t recieve my invite (its in the mail) but I am being invited to the same program! Can we be friends? I am so excited.

  2. OK, FLY GUY is totally cool & i see the relevance! the possbilities are endless!

  3. Great news!! Congrats! i’ll check out Fly Guy asap

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