Maintaining My Cool in a Chaos of Preparation, Classifieds

Since receiving my invitation almost two weeks ago, it seems like time is always running out and everything is portrayed in this state of “pre-Botswana”. Consequently, I’ve been heeding my father’s orders and selling everything. I’ve sold a guitar, a guitar case, a drumset, an iPod Touch, and I’m about to drop off a ton of clothing to consignment and later I’ll be selling my phone. I’m practically a self-contained Craigslist, so, you know, if you want something for cheap I invite you to check with me first. I probably have it, and if I do, it’s almost certainly in mint-condition.

Good news is I’m also buying some new items with the $$ I get from selling – for instance my new ASUS EEE PC 1005 PE netbook is in the mail! I also used my drumset money to buy a new, smaller, cheaper, quiet and very transportable practice drum pad set that, yes, I will dare to take with me. I’m also purchasing a smaller iPod… and I got a Kindle. Better sell a limb and get a PacSafe.

Other than material exchanges – I’ve met some wonderful current PCVs and invitees via the Botswana 9 Facebook Group. The Botswana 8 group (the group preceding ours that’s already there) has given us invaluable advice for packing and preparing, and since then the scariness of the whole thing has ebbed, just a little.

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  1. I’ll have to shop your Craigslist entries! Haha

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