I’m currently riding the bus to the JFK airport, and it dawned on me that this cell phone blogging convenience will be a laughable luxury in just a day.

Staging took place in Philadelphia, and the schedule is so wonky you’d think they did it on purpose to adjust our circadian rhythm in order to avoid jetlag. The people here though are absolutely wonderful.

Many of us were on a Facebook group prior to all this, and that allowed me to comfortably walk in the door and see people for the first time while already knowing their name, their face, and, for some, how similar their days leading up to this have been to mine.

The actual Staging event only lasted about 6 hours, and consisted of meet and greets, history of Peace Corps, and discussions on what to expect and how to prepare for the upcoming drastic change we’re all about to go through. A good length for a program that had few redundencies.

Due to packing craziness at home, I’ve perhaps acrued about 4.5 hours of sleep in the past 2 days. Even still, I managed to get out a little and see some great parts of Philadelphia at night with some other Trainees. A problem occured, however, when a 20 minute nap turned into a 1.5 hour long oversleepathon. My alarm was set, but a snowstorm probably wouldn’t have woken me sooner. I managed to get on the bus though (barely), and now I’m starting to feel the mounting prerssure of what kind of hardship this experience may be at times. I also know this is only the beginning, and so I say "Bring it."

I’m having an incredible time already though (a considerably bettwer time now that I’m on this bus), and I look forward to updating this when I arrive in Africa!

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