Life at the Big-Five Lodge

Tuesday, April 13th

I’m coming to the close of my second full day here at Pre-Service Training. We are staying at the Big Five Lodge in Gaborone, and I must say it does kind of feel like a very structured vacation. I know this lifestyle of warm showers, room service, and 3 meals a day is all temporary, but the weather has been perfect, a clean pool in the courtyard centers the classrooms and lecture centers and eating rooms, there is wifi and a bar, and the lodge staff is accommodating and helpful (especially with practicing Setswana!)

I’ve been waking up on my own to the sound of a rooster at 6 am. This morning I even got out of bed and jump-roped before breakfast. Tomorrow I’ll meet up with some other trainees for a 30 minute morning jog.

Days consist of breakfast, Setswana lessons, tea time (tea and little sandwiches!), more Setswana, a cultural lesson or lesson about some experience we need to prepare for, more Setswana, and a break before dinner.

Tonight we dine with some “very important guests” which may or may not include the US Ambassador, and Friday we leave this wonderful lodge and meet our new host-family. That night I may or may not slaughter a goat.

I’m really enjoying all the people here – no one seems to be cliquing, which is great, and everyone should be getting cell phone soon so there will be a big exchange in cell numbers. I’ll be sure and update this blog soon with my phone number.

Don’t want to drag on, but I will say that the next 8 weeks will be limited on internet posting. I want so very badly to tell everyone what’s going on, so it won’t be because of my lack of interest that things don’t post. If anything, I’ll blog offline and post a few entries once I can connect.

Hope everyone is well! I miss you!!

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