This Guy


Every single morning I leave my house to find this guy standing here. He’s adorable, right?! Wrong. Not only does he whine incessantly at me, but he’ll jump on me, get my clothes all dirty, and follow me into town where I typically have to watch him get terrorized by other dogs. What this dog badly needs is a farm.


Also – welcome to a new  feature on my blog! As this blog has evolved I’ve noticed that I want my written posts to be a bit more polished than simply throwing in a diary entry. While that’s fine and good it’s created a void when trying to show snippets of my daily life.  So I created a “Photo” category, which i’ll update more frequently and intersperse with my more detailed posts. I welcome any and all feedback. Enjoy!

2 Responses

  1. Alexis! I’ve been reading your blog, and also benefiting from your google buzz posts tremendously! You’re so hilarious and you find the best stuff on the internet! Andy and I are visiting Dallas next weekend – we’ll be thinking of you:)

  2. Well, he IS adorable. 😉

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