Bed, Protected

The temperature’s become exceedingly hot and the mosquitoes are starting to seek me out for a tasty midnight snack. A few weeks ago I tried to jump the gun and hang my net early when I realized that, ha ha, when I stand on my bed I’m too short to reach the little loop at the top of my ceiling.  Adorable, right?! Wrong again! I’d asked a couple of taller friends to hang it for me when they were over but they forgot (nbd, guys), and so tonight I had the awesome idea that  I should place my computer chair on my bed and stand wobble on it to reach the little loop. Wise or not (probably not), I got it hung!

Also, please note the blanket at the end of the bed is strictly just for show, and if it touches me at all it will be violently kicked off in my sleep before the nights end.

One Response

  1. tht’s so funny because i hung mine up while dangerously balancing on a chair on my lumpy mattress and I also hate that blanket…

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